Thursday, August 22, 2013

H&M Home Collection

There have been so many fun fall releases recently. As I am anxiously awaiting the Target x Phillip Lim collection, I find out that H&M has a home collection (through this post on Design*Sponge). After beauty items, home decor is next on the list of my shopping weaknesses. I love finding home items that reflect my style and make my home more comforting. When I initially heard that H&M was starting a home line, I expected it to be a bit garish. I love H&M for fast fashion, but you do have to weed through a lot of things that might not be up your street. However, while browsing through the collection online, I was pleasantly surprised to see interesting typography, scientific botanical,  grayscale cityscape, and lithograph-like animal prints, along with cozy sweater textures and copper metal accents. And all at an affordable price point. This line will fit perfectly in my Brooklyn apartment whether in the form of pillows, tea towels, or candles (but hopefully all of the above).

You can check out the collection here.

P.S. Red pandas! They know me too well.

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