Monday, June 24, 2013

Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale Make-up Mini Haul

As I was wandering around the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sale, I stopped at the beauty section of the store and was surprised to be intrigued by their selection of make-up (and the huge discounts.) Usually clothing store make-up lines tend to be a subpar (though I do love Urban Outfitter's nail polish). However, I was pleasantly surprised by these items I picked up and at about $4 each there isn't much to regret.

Mega Glow Bronzer in Sun-Kissed | Originally $14 Sale $4.90
What first caught my attention was the size of this bronzer, it's huge (.65oz, to be exact)! It also had a variety of shades (I picked up the lightest, Sun-Kissed) & what no glitter?? Perfect. It's a bit powdery but the colour is actually quite great (not orange at all!) Plus, there is enough product to probably last me a lifetime. I shouldn't be too surprised that this bronzer is great since the VS models always have a perfect bronze glow.

Fresh Face Brightening Gel Cream | Originally $12 Sale $4.20
I was instantly intrigued by this product, debating whether it was skincare or make-up. It contains Caffeine, Witch Hazel, Gingko Biloba, Shea, and Aloe making it have some skincare type elements. The product itself looks like more of a liquid highlighter. It does have quite a bit of fine iridescent glitters; however, these don't show up too much on the skin. I have been applying it under my eyes and along the tops of my cheekbones before I put on my foundation. It does seem to give a "lit from within glow." It also feels nice under the eyes in the morning. It smells like icing, as Victoria Secret kind of does (or is that just me).

Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in Manic Pink | Originally $9 Sale $3.15
I have been obsessed with bright lips lately, so when I saw this I knew I had to pick it up. The colour is very pigmented and a fun pinkish-red colour. It's super easy to apply and feels like a balm. This smells like icing as well which makes more sense for a lip product.

I love wearing all these products together for a fun summer look. I probably wouldn't have paid full price, but I am definitely happy I picked them up. I have to say I think I did pretty well at this year's semi annual sale!

Have you tried any VS beauty products? Did you find any good deals at the semi-annual sale?

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