Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Water Marble

Happy Spring! This weekend, I am going to New Jersey to visit Preston's family for Easter, so I thought I would do a Spring-themed manicure for the occasion. I have also been dying to use my new spring pastels from Julep again! I thought a water marble would be a great design for the season. Now, I am definitely not a pro at this method (& all three of my attempts are documented here, here, & here), but I always have fun doing it & it still looks so cool no matter how 'flawed' my technique is. So here is try number 4!

For this design, I used all Julep polishes. They worked great for marbling, so start thinking of colour combinations! The coral (Teri), mint (Shenae), & lilac (Simone) are from the March Maven box (seen here) and the blue (Julianne) is from the February Maven Box.

 I did a simple flower design in the water for spring (and because it's the easiest for me to do!)

I always paint both of my hands, but I rarely take pictures of my right-hand. I ended up liking the designs on my right hand more than my left so now there are even more pictures! In doing this, I found out it's rather difficult to take pictures with the DSLR left-handed...though fun fact: I was born left-handed.

My nails just scream "Spring!" to me! Which is exactly what I was going for, so despite the water bubbles and the other little flaws, I am very happy with this nail art!

Below are some "work in progress" pictures!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. This looks awesome! So difficult and intricate lol I know for a fact I probably wouldn't be able to do it. Fantastic job!!


    1. Thank you! It can be tricky, but it's definitely worth a try. & you see improvement right away with practice! :]