Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Gradient Nails

My manicure for this week is a gradient using Zoya Zuza (Aqua Blue) and Zoya Kimber (Strawberry Pink.) I love the Zoya Surf collection. The colours are so beautiful & sparkly! These colours were part of my mini Pinterest trio (which I used in my first water marble.) & I have Zoya Myrta as my pedicure, so it wouldn't feel left out! Again, I couldn't just pick one colour to paint my nails!

To do this manicure, I painted my nails with a base coat of either Zuza or Kimber. Next, I painted a stripe of Zuza & a stripe of Kimber on a make-up sponge and dabbed it on (for more detailed instructions on "how-to" check out my black & white gradient post.) When the two colours met they made a beautiful purple.

Next time, I might try using a white base so that on that Kimber would stay more pink on the Zuza nails rather than turning purple, but overall I really like how these colours look together. This manicure would look so amazing at the pool or beach! I'm definitely going to pack these colours with my on my trip to Florida (8 days!)

So I'm still super new to blogging, if you read this post or have been reading my blog, please follow & comment with a link to your blog!! I would love to follow some new blogs & become more a part of this internet community!

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  1. LOVEEEE this!!! Trying it for sure!