Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pink & Green Glitter

So after the invention of Shatter nail polish, I became slightly obsessed with nail art. Though I am significantly lacking on number of polishes, differing tools, & patience,  I still try to have fun with my nails. This week, I did a super simple manicure with two creme colours, green & pink and covered it with a top coat of a green glitter jelly. I'm so happy I did the pink accent nail because I like the glitter over that even better than the green. The glitter jelly polish looked liked the base wasn't entirely clear, so I was initially worried I would get a green-tinted pink mess; however, it was completely clear & they complement each other nicely. I decided to keep it simple this time since for the past few weeks I went gradient crazy. Though I feel weird back-tracking posts, I will have to upload some of those pics! What's your opinion on the whole nail art trend?

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