Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pantry Organization & Vitacost Staples

I've been in an organizing mood, going through everything I see. Unfortunately, my tiny NYC apartment doesn't allow for many options. Not only have I been trying to physically organize my space, but I have also been trying to organize my head space-pretty much just my life. Between commuting, early morning yoga sessions, long hours at work, and a (sometimes) active social life, I need to streamline the grocery shopping, meal preppin' process. Otherwise, it would be Thai take-out every night (though typing it out now, doesn't sound like a bad thing...)

So I thought I would share how I set up my tiny "pantry" aka the cabinet above the stove, and a few of my staples I order from Vitacost. Online ordering and quick shipping is so convenient and having a few of these staples lets me whip up meals with limited fresh ingredients. So I'm not tempted to sign on to GrubHub.

Superfoods | I love ordering superfoods from Vitacost. If I am watching a healthy YouTube channel and an ingredient piques my interest, I can compare different brands, think about sizes, and check prices. So much cheaper than going to Whole Foods, and it prevents you from impulse buying all the things. I'd much rather see the crazy bill in an online check-out window where I can then proceed to *remove from cart*. Some of my favouries: Goji Berries, Maca Powder, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cocoa Powder. Also thinking about ordering some Spirulina next. 

Bulk | Quinoa, cashews (for vegan mac&cheese or protein energy balls), cous cous, oats are all items that routinely get added to the cart. Then, I can refill the jars. In addition to cashews, almonds, pine nuts, really any nut, you can order for a good deal and size. I have also ordered canned items (beans, coconut milk), though I can usually find these in my grocery store for roughly the same price. 

Bars | Great to have on hand, and a box usually lasts me a while. I love the Kind bars to keep in my bag or office for a quick snack. I also order Preston's Cliff bars, so he won't steal mine. He could eat a box of Kind bars in like 2 days, defeating the whole purpose of an individually wrapped bar. :) I also like to order the individually wrapped almond butter packets. Throw one of those and an apple or banana for a portable snack.

Spices & Oils | All those cooking ingredients that I really don't want to have to think about having to buy when I'm in the aisles of the grocery store. That is how we ended up with 4 jars of Paprika. My grocery store has a really good selection of various oils and spices, but if yours doesn't, Vitacost has your back. Avocado oil, nutritional yeast, pink salt, coconut oil are my staples. 

Non-pantry related, but vitamins and beauty products are also available. I can't help but sneak a new beauty item in with my orders. Vitacost also runs a lot of additional discounts and promos. I try to order when one is happening to maximize the savings. 

If you want to try Vitacost, here is my referral link that will get you $5 off (and me too).
What are your pantry essentials? 
And let me know if I should share other kitchen areas- thinking maybe the fridge next? Or teas & coffees?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser & Boy Brow

You can tell I took this pic awhile ago with the winter sticker...Oh well, that means I have had plenty of time to test the products out! Here is the quick review:

Boy Brow | Definitely adding this to my arsenal of favourite brow products. I have been using it non stop. It makes it seem like you have naturally perfect eyebrows. It doesn't give a bold brow look, but if I am doing a bolder brow, I like to use it to fill in the beginning of my brow to have a nice fading in effect.

Milky Jelly Cleanser | Even after using this for several months now, I am not sure what to think.  I haven't been wowed, but I don't not like it? It leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. It does an okay job removing make-up (doesn't quite remove all mascara, liquid liner). The texture matches it's namesake, and you only need a little bit of product per use. I think I just am not a fan of the scent-it's unscented fragrance wise but the scent reminds me of putty. Sorry that my description of this is not much help ;P

There are a few more products I want to order. I am curious about the super serums, and I want to try more of their coloured make-up products. And for the awesome stickers, of course.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Birchbox Refresh + Reset Limited Edition Box

I am so behind on blogging! I just got back from South Africa, and I can't wait to share the photos. But before that I needed to catch up on my backlog of post ideas that I took the pictures for without quite making it to the writing. First up, I wanted to share Birchbox's Refresh + Reset box. It's been on the site awhile now, but who knows when it might sell out!

Box Breakdown
Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara 
HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder - Mint Chocolate Chip Infusion 
ARROW REFRESH On-the-Go Cleansing Cloths 
Avène Thermal Spring Water
Living proof. Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditione
S'well 9 oz. Bottle in Amethyst Quartz
Pointe Studio Jett Grip Light Socks

I love when Birchbox does a bigger box with a theme. There is always a mix of beauty and lifestyle goodies at a great price point. Whether you want to sample everything yourself or give as a gift. I've been back on a fitness kick, so I was already digging the theme of this one. Additionally, I had already tried most of the products included and knew I loved them. You can't go wrong with a Swell bottle. You get most of the cost of the box back right there. I have accumulated a couple of Swells but just had to have this cute mini size.

I actually ended up bringing a lot of the beauty items with me on my trip since they were the perfect size. The Arrow Refresh Cloths and Avene Thermal Water were perfect for the long-haul flight (and after hiking and camping!) Dry shampoo is always a good thing, and the R+Co Conditioner is a fav. The Eyeko mascara gives your lashes amazing length and lasts all day while still keeping lashes fluttery. I mainly do hot yoga, so the socks won't be necessary, but they are great quality and would work well for some home practice. Maybe for practicing some up the wall inversions with the non-slip sole... Finally, the box also includes a few packets of Hum Raw Beauty in Mint Chocolate Chip. These packets are perfect for adding to a smoothie to make it taste like a milkshake. I blend it with almond milk, extra greens, and frozen banana and top it with some cocoa nibs. Yum.

Anyway, definitely check this one out. I feel like all the products are everyday essentials, even when not at the gym.